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ecocafe history

history anno 2011

We have longed for a place where quality coffee meets friendly ambience and eco-consciousness. Hence, Ecocafe was born. A coffeeshop using organic and fair trade goods constantly delivering in the Hungarian specialty coffee scene.

ecocafe philosophy

our philosophy

We have an unconventional view of life and trying to face the future consciously.

Our organic and hollistic approach covers all the fields in Ecocafe’s life, from the produce to the products.

ecocafe vision

our vision

We believe that every achievement is just a step in Ecocafe’s life. We continuously working on what and how to improve in everydays’ life. There are always fields to develop and modernize.
Besides our “green”-concept we focus on following the latest specialty trends and boost our skills, techniques and update our coffee gadgets.

Our aim is to make Ecocafe to be much more just a great specialty coffee shop.

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