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100% bio / organic S L
Espresso 330 480
Cappuccino 450 590
Latte Macchiato    
Brewed coffee    
Chai latte    
Forró italok
100% bio / organic S L
Forró csoki 520 690
Kókuszos latte    
Mogyorós latte    
Vaniliás latte    
Karamellás latte    
Friss narancslé    
Heti ajánlat
Heti ajánlat 1    
Heti ajánlat 1    
Heti ajánlat 1    
Heti ajánlat 1    



You can try and buy 7 different organic coffee-types at Ecocafe. We import the coffees from the organic plantations of Brasil, Ethiopia (Sidamo and Yirgacheffe regions), Guatemala, Honduras, Papua New-Guines and Sumatra. They arrive in large bags pure and natural, as green coffees. Here in Budapest a roastmaster with more than a decade experience and knowledge is roasting the coffee beans in accordance with our needs and requirements. We always roast in smaller scale so we would use it up within a short period of time. This is how we ensure that our customers always get the freshest and best quality.

Roasting, selection

At all our Ecocafe locations we are using the same blends. We change the blends occasionally so our regular customers have a chance to try something different from time to time. Right now our favourite blend is a mix of    french roasted coffees from Guatemala, Ethiopia and Brasil. This is the blend that we use in our espressos and coffee drinks with milk. It has a strong, bold taste as a black coffee, but it harmonizes with milk excepcionally well in the lattes and cappuccinos. For the late afternoon hours we recommend our Sumatra CO2   decaffeinated coffee. The caffeine is extracted from the coffee with the help of highly compressed CO2. This process leaves the original aroma and taste completely intact giving you the chance to drink delicious organic coffee drinks even in the evenings.

For our customers with special dietary needs lactose-free, organic  soy, rice and oat milks are available at no extra charge. Mostly we use raw brown cane sugar, but we also keep various other sweeteners: honey, agave syrup and xilit are available upon request. Also there are fabulous organic syrups to try out: our haselnut, vanilla, caramel or coconut lattes would be a shame to miss!


Ecocafe knows that not everyone is a fan of coffees. We have more than 20 kinds of organic  leaf teas, variations of black, green, white, rooibos, herbal and fruit teas. Our   baristas are always there for you to suggest one or help to make your decision on other beverages.
We sell our full range of bean-coffees, coffee-blends and teas for home consumption too.